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Basic & Family Information

Name Spouse or S/O: Children? Grandchildren? Name in 1964?
(If different)
Fred Palato Karen Palato Michael & Danny 2 (Dominic & Izabella)
Chuck Stoll Donna Amy and Charlie Ezra Charlie
Kristina Arnold None None None
John Ahlman Barbara 2 4 John Ahlman
Tony Jeanene 4 1
John Smith currently single Jessica (31), Sara (29) (5) 6 y/o to 1 year same
Sandra Logsdon three three Sandra Signor
Cynthia Veazey Daniel Veazey 3 5 Cynthia Simmons
Bruce Divelbiss Kathy 3 4
Paul Butler Peggy Whitney (girl) none same
Karen Haus Arnold 3 step children 7 Karen Acquistapace
Judy Weisman 2 dogs
Bob Kvaas Sara Gehr Kvaas none none
Penny Hill Hernandez 1 5 Penny Hill
Tom Caesar Janice, (Tomberg)16 Two sons, Darren, age 47 & Gary, age 44 7 in total, Olivia, 18 - Georgia, 16 - Cady, 14 - Anabel 12, - Kaed, 10 - Charlotte, 10 - Vivian, 8 Tommy, (and I still answer to it).
Susie Jeffrey Robert 0 0 Susie (Margaret) Hines
Bill Adams 3 9 Grand 3 Great
Margaret Rottinghaus Douglas ron douglas 1 1 deceased
Jack Reed 0 0
Joan Langworthy Loizeaux Paul Loizeaux 1 - John 2 Joan Langworthy
Jim Fuhlrodt Ines Fuhlrodt Yes 4 / 2 hers 2 mine None so far James
Lynn Bartlett Meyer John 2 4+2great grandchildren Bartlett
Michael A. Aquino Lilith Aquino
Jerome Hunter Adleane Chrystal, Jamila, Lawrence Christopher, Alexandria, Kennedy, Nia N/A
Joan Ventura Mick 5 14 grand 2 great grandchildren Litchfield
Sharon Chandler Larry Chandler 2 5 Sharon Fillippini
William (Bill) Abel Jan Edmondson Abel Nope Less Likely Bill Abel
Kathy Bekmanis George two sons two granddaughters McKibben
Craig Edwards Deborah 4 2
Nancy Underwood Michael Underwood Yes - Daughter Yes - Granddaughter Nancy Meriwether
Rick Bury Carol Just us
Dorothy Walker-Austin 2 8 Dorothy Walker
Christopher M. Galbreath Lynn Galbreath 3 11
Patricia Greco John Greco 2 3+ Mosher
Ron Baker Crystal 2 + 2 10
Don karlie 3 4 don
Jayne Davis Rice Sid John&April Rachel,Sean,Christopher Jayne Davis
Fred E. Ziesenhenne Linda C. Ziesenhenne 4 - Daughters
Kathy Samuels Russ Samuels None None Kathy Schooler
Gerald Widowed ... Separated 2 4 Jerry
Carol Hicks Mike none (2 dogs) none Hodges
Bill Chambers Gloria Bill & Anna 3
Bill Crispin Sally 3 4
Gary Suzanne 1 0
Doug Wilson Prue Berry Prue has two, Kim & Virgina No such luck.
Sal Aparicio Jr. Denni 2 4
Tony Miratti Joyce Jordan 0 0
Joyce Hale Jordan Tony Miratti no no Joyce Hale
Ken Nordin Marilu 3 8 Bruce Nordin
Cort de Peyster Brooks and Aleaxndra Nome Oorty
John Deckenback Carolyn Roberts Aaron & Jeffry Two and one due in Nov.
Cheryl Lyn Albright Larry Diaz one son three
Jack Callis Margo No Np James Callis
Karen Metzler Wilson Karen Metzler
Pat Griffin
Carol Campbell Quigley Don Laura, RJ, Christa, & Matt Lewis, Lelia, Arabella, & Jullian Carol Campbell
Jan DeGrandchamp none One son Two granddaughters Never changed
Peter Van Dyke Shannon 2 5 (one more coming)
Mark Thies Meg 4 - please...we're done
Gretchen Nissler Barger Walt 2 daughters-Kim and Krissy Drew and Katie
Christie Anderson Robert D. Anderson Christie Steketee
Linda Dorfmont Linda Dorfmont
Janet Gonzales 3 5 Woodards
Pamela Barrett Bruce 4 daughters, Jennifer, Amy, Alison & Maritte 2 grandsons, 1 granddaughter Pamela Mosher
Al Cottam Jenny Cottam 5 20
Martha Rairden Lannan Bill Lannan 3 - Hillary, Michael & Leslie nope Martha Rairden
Ade Winger Steve Winger Juliana & Krista Miles & Oliver Adriana Castagnola
Dale Pike Pat Pike 6 9
Roxanne Parks Art Garrett Scott Parks, 49 (6/23/65) 3/ ages 20, 18, 15
David Young Kathy 3 sons 2 - a boy and a girl
Jim Crow Sue 2 2
Sallie-Wood-Nickel 2 girls Five Sallie Wood
Maggi Daane N/A Meggan - 38 Izobella -11/Matteo - 4 Margaret Macdonald
Mary Elliott Robert Ryan, Brandon 3 Mary Ball
Bill Lannan Martha Hillary, MIchael Leslie none Bill
Carol Thorsness Chuck 2..Adam and Jeremy 2: Evelyn (6) Isabel (2) Carol Brooks
Norma Jean Riffero Leifer Vincent leifer 4 daughters- Erin,Ashley, Leslie.Emma Nadine 6-3boys and 3girls Norma Jean Riffero
Tana Sommer widow daughter Eve, born 6/5/1982 granddaughter Olive Dee born 6/6/2014 Tana Sommer-Belin
Patty Newton White Ken Twergo 0 0 Patty White
Vinicio Muracchioli timi 2 2 vince
Cathy Shaw Scott 3 2 Von Epps
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-Crofoot Larry Crofoot 3 and 2 step children 19 in all Ruth A Ayala
wm. Clasen Hoyt lisa amanda not yet william
Norma Jean Riffero Leifer Vince Leifer 4 daughters, Erin, Ashley, Leslie, Emma Nadine 6--3girls, 3boys
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett" Howard Risa, age 32 not yet Bonnie Millett
Emilio Vasquez Rose five nine
Maxx Duffy John Vorhaus Katie Evie (8) and Liam (5) Irene Daley
Sandee Tom 2 Sandy Stave
Andy Neumann Yvonne Thornburgh Neumann Emilie Neumann Pandya (Sameer) and Tarek Neumann Ravi (7) and Ishan (4)
Alan Davis Fe Sabuero Davis 4 4
Alex Diaz Carol Diaz 4 between us Six 5 girls 1 boy
Gail Araluce Johnson Divorced Two sons None Gail Araluce

Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?

Fred PalatoCoach Crow, Coach Cathcart & Mr. Runnion
Chuck StollI feel very fortunate to have had many outstanding teachers at SBHS. The many coaches that I had were all instrumental in shaping my character and work ethic. But I think my most memorable and challenging teacher would have been Ms. Whelpley. When she suspended me from the football team ... that made a lasting impression on me. There were definitely consequences when you do stupid things. But then again, Principal Hardesty would have to be at the top of that list after suspending me from graduation. I would be very remiss, however, if I didn't recognize Mr. Charles Ritchie (chemistry teacher), as a real inspiration and someone I admired greatlly due to his positive and encouraging nature.
Kristina ArnoldJack Baker and Donald Stillman
John AhlmanHad to be Miss Whelpley
TonyMr. Wheeler, just a great personality.
John SmithI liked Mrs. Schoenbern, my 4/5th year Latin teacher, who didn't require us to do the Pledge of Allegiance if we chose not to.But we did read Ovid, Virgil, Livy, Horace, Cicero, and some of the minor poets. After lots of travel abroad, I have a different perspective on the Pledge, except for the god part.
Sandra LogsdonMr. Henry Baylor, he was very patient, kind, understanding and so handsome.
Bruce DivelbissMr. Hyde, because he made physics fun
Paul ButlerMr. Ormsby: He kept a bunch of rowdy guys from electrocuting themselves in Electric Shop.
Judy WeismanMrs. Straight, the art teacher. Art was my favorite class although she always used Susan Boehm's art work to show the rest of us what we should be doing.
Bob KvaasWendell Hyde Because he taught physics and was an interesting, caring person.
Penny Hill HernandezMiss Whelpy. She just stands out in my mind because of her method of teaching. Windows wide open, feet flat on the floor, walk up the isles in the middle and down the outside isles. I am sure SRehe did a good job of teaching too.
Tom CaesarDon Stillman. He took the time to "investigate me" and pointed out opportunities I was missing, challenged me and checked in regularly to see what progress I was making. It opened my eyes about academic acheivement, college and thinking about a career. He arranged for an "aptitude test" which I took and the results pointed out my future, though I didn't really understand it at the time.
Susie JeffreyHad alot of good ones. Mss Knowland(?) spelling. Tried to keep Tina and I on our toes. She could always tell when we had been smoking at lunch.
Bill AdamsMr. Clint Wheeler spent extra time making me stay in school, teaching a class, that I had a interest in. Enjoyed playing Bad mitten in the GYM in the evenings.
Jack ReedWendell Hyde (Physics). He was fun, low key and had a wonderful quirky sense of humor.
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxMrs. Hodges for her love of American literature.
Jim FuhlrodtMs Sharman Always pushed me to do better even though I didn't always co-operate.
Michael A. AquinoColonel Robert H. Kies, the ROTC Professor of Military Science. Since I was interested in a military career, he was both an invaluable source of advice concerning this profession and a distinguished personal example of it. Indeed we have remained good friends over the years; he is presently retired in Florida.
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaMiss Whelpley. She was such a funny but strict teacher. She always made us laugh but we always learned so much from her class. It seems we were always late for her class and she let us have it daily. I had great respect for her.
Sharon ChandlerMr Harding
William (Bill) AbelMr. Ritchie in Chemistry because he seemed to really care about his students and had a warm personality. I also liked Dorothy Scharman (math) and Wendell Hyde (physics) No one will ever forget Miss Whelpley for reading Most inspiring teacher for me was Harper Ormsby in electronics Ok I was a nerdy geek and I'm proud of it! Really, I liked all of my teachers! Bill
Kathy BekmanisMr. Jorgenson. He was fun!
Craig EdwardsDorothy Bury. Great subject matter; she was my Latin teacher.
Nancy UnderwoodMrs. Lippincott - just a very nice lady who made the class fun.
Rick BuryWilliam Hatcher, A Capella Choir Director, because he taught us to sing.
Dorothy Walker-AustinMy Commercial art teacher Ms. Straight because I loved being able to experience and participate in the various forms of commercial art.
Mc CORMICK MikeMr. Paulin, I enjoyed his class. I wanted to be in business after school.
Christopher M. GalbreathMr Ted Sendrak He found a way to motivate me.
Patricia GrecoMiss Ayton, who taught me to write a decent essay, and Miss Whelpley, who taught me to read faster.
Ron BakerBill Hatcher - Music. I can still carry a tune, but not a piano. The Music Dept. also introduced me to acting.
DonEveryone of them. They each seemed to have their own personal values which would often find a way into the lesson plan. Examples would be discipline, honesty, hard work, don't talk with your mouth full.
Jayne Davis Ricemiss whelply
Fred E. ZiesenhenneHarper Ormsby. He inspired me in my future in electronics
Kathy SamuelsThere were many great teachers, but Mr. Ordaz's Spanish Class was more like a one person stage experience. He was a good orator with many great stories that expanded our world. We went to Spanish language movies at the theater on State St. and we enjoyed ethnic food during the end of class potluck.
GeraldI simply cannot remember.
Carol HicksBill Jorgensen - biology He was very tough but fair and made a tough subject more interesting. Plus, you could get him off track and talking about being injured in the war. But, he explained, if he talked about the war, he wouldn't have time to cover the subjects in the next test, so we would all relent and say "OK teach us something". He went on to teach at SBCC and I got to know him as an adult and he was always interesting.
Bill ChambersMr. Hyde ma de perpetual motion machine
Bill CrispinKennedy
GaryBeatrice Trousdale because she taught me I could understand advance mathematics and that a teacher in 9th grade was wrong when he told me I didn't know what I was doing in Algebra (because my father had died the second week of school), and also because she took the time to tell us how the death of John Kennedy affected her at the time it happened, unlike another of my High School teachers who just observed it by telling us that "John Kennedy's death would make the opposite political party happy".
Doug WilsonPhyllis Hoades was my English teacher in 12th grade and she loved literature and has a stimulating and challenging way of sharing her love of literature and her ideas. She opened me up to a lot.
Sal Aparicio Jr.Mr. Rhoades, good dry sence of humor
Tony MirattiWilliam Jorgandon. A terrific guy, always approachable and always interested in what was going on with me and around school; a different teacher but a real one.
Joyce Hale JordanMiss Knowlin I learned .a lot
Ken NordinI didn't have a favorite teacher. I liked them all. But, I have to hand it to Mr. Sylvester. A kid was trying to bully me in gym class and Mr. Sylvester walked up and told him to knock it off or he get the boxing gloves and let me put a wrinkle on his nose. The kid walked away and never bothered me again.
Cort de PeysterMr Stillman
John DeckenbackMike Moropolous...line coach
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightMiss Whepley?
Jack CallisMr Corliss in Auto Shop. He was an excellent teacher who cared about his students and taught in a way that suited each individual. He gave everyone respect and thus got it back. I was saddened to hear he had passed away, as I had hoped to alk about carslook him up and thank him,
Karen Metzler WilsonMr. Ordaz-- He was tempermental, funny and challenging.
Pat GriffinMrs.Nunez
Carol Campbell QuigleyMr Hatcher, A Cappella. The experience of blending voices, hearing the process and enjoying the results. He required more from us than we thought we were able to accomplish, he pushed, and kept the goal high, so we had to reach for the "golden ring". I still have the record we made in 1964, kept it all these years, but nothing to play it on now. Need to have it put on a CD.
Jan DeGrandchampHad a few. June Lane and my drama teacher let me participate in all the plays and express myself creatively.
Peter Van DykeMrs. Hoades. She taught us critical thinking back before anybody knew what it was. Honorable mention to Mr. Belden for going on all those JSA trips with us and Mr. Hyde for having a great sense of humor.
Mark Thies"Frau" Hunnywell - she was nuts
Gretchen Nissler BargerMiss Whelpley --- maybe not at the time at SBHS, but I still use the knowledge she gave me.
Christie AndersonMaybe Mrs. Truesdale because I liked algebra (for the same reason I like mystery novels). Also she and I shared a sort of secret moment once when she was giving a quiz. I'd finished early and was staring out the window (second floor) and saw a small bird take off from the edge of the roof. Rather than flapping its wings, it jumped off the roof and then started flapping. When I turned back to see her at the front, she'd been watching me and gave me a quick smile.
Linda DorfmontMr. Hyde (Physics)
Pamela BarrettMs. Trusedale, I loved being in her solid geometry and trig class. Ms. Boloisky, great swim coach but didn't like it when Wendy, Lynn and I called her Pat.
Martha Rairden LannanJune Lane, Laura Lou Houghton, Phyllis Hodes (after I got past being scared of her) and of course Miss Whelpley! They were all dedicated, exceptional teachers. Wish I had been more able to appreciate their hard work at the time.
Ade WingerI think June Lane..... my modern dance teacher was my favorite.
Dale PikeNo Toes Andrews. I could sleep in his class after lunch.
Roxanne ParksI liked our Spanish teacher, Mr. Hopper
David YoungI can't remember the name of the woman biology teacher we all thought was tippling in the prep room during class. Turns out she taught me more than I realized and paved the way for careers in life sciences.
Sallie-Wood-NickelMr Rhoads..... Easy to learn from.....
Maggi DaaneMr Hall for Spanish. He sparked my interest in foreign language studies.
Bill LannanMarion Whelpley, Mike Moropoulos, James Belden, Alphonso Ordaz. They all had the ability to challenge young minds to become achievers and expand our horizons
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferMiss Welpley,Mr Stillman ,Mr Richie And my counselor-Miss Cotton
Tana SommerJack Baker, one of the art instructors, was my favorite teacher because he got me started painting and I have painted ever since. We remained friends till his death a couple of years ago. He was a mentor the whole way.
Patty Newton WhiteJack Baker-- he inspired us to push outside the edges of what we knew about art
Cathy ShawMiss Whelpley was hysterical, demanding and always entertaining. I greatly improved my vocabulary and still love using "million dollar" words.
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootI really can't remember
wm. Clasen HoytMr. Melvin machine shop teacher, great sense of humor and into helping kids learn on the lathe and welding.
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferMs Welpy, Mr Stillman, Mr Richie and my councelor Ms Cotton
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"Mr Hyde for Physics. He would invite us to his house for discussions which I thought was very cool! And he took us on a Star Gazing party on a hill overlooking the ocean. I had my first kiss that night. I also loved Mr Hatcher. In 1975 I found myself directing a choir and tracked him down at Pasadena City College and wrote to him for advice. I was so thrilled that he remembered me from A Cappella and he gave me lots of tips!
Maxx DuffyMrs. Truesdale. There was no fooling around in her class! She was tough but she hammered in the principles of math (trig)!
SandeeOle timers has already set in, I cannot name even one teacher I had in High School or any other grade for that matter!
Andy NeumannMr. Belden, history. He was tough, but had a good sense of humor and inspired me to learn
Alan DavisBill Jorgenson and Fern Johnson, mainly because I am a Biologist. Bill Jorgenson had a great rapport, and I got a good start in Marine Biology basics.
Alex DiazMr Wheeler. He took time and taught me about printing and I used that skill after graduation working at a print shop and Santa Barbara News Press until I was drafted and went to Vietnam.
Gail Araluce JohnsonPhyllis Hodes, my English teacher Jr. year, because she was so vivacious and fun to listen to and watch.

Where did you hang out on campus when you weren't in class and why?

Fred PalatoGym & Track Field (Peabody Stadium)
Chuck StollI don't remember hanging out very much unless you count the library, gym, or athletic fields.
Kristina ArnoldI didn't! My Mom and Dad would have "killed me"!!
John AhlmanMost likely the flagpole grass area. Or off campus
Tonywhat me not in class. Lunch area, where most of us hung out.
John SmithAt the greasy spoon taco stand down on Milpas @ Reddick, because they made the best tacos I've ever eaten!
Sandra LogsdonEither on the lawn or in the parking lot. Just a time to hang out, relax, and socialize.
Bruce DivelbissThe lawn on the stadium side of the building, because it was close to the pool.
Paul ButlerI brown-bagged, and a lot of us hung out on campus somewhere, but I don't remember the exact location.
Judy WeismanWaiting for the bus home. Got to catch up with everybody's day.
Bob KvaasPhysics or Chemistry classrooms because they had the best "toys" and chemicals to make explosions.
Tom CaesarOnly had time for class and maybe a little "hang time" in the front hallway, maintaining "the gauntlet", & checking out my fellow students of the opposite sex. Otherwise, I was at football, surfing practice or several after school part time jobs to help pay for my "woody", gas money, dates and savings for surfing trips to mexico in the summer.
Susie JeffreyHung out with Tina Putz in the hall by our lockers. Also hung out with Mary Booher and Betty Nash.
Bill AdamsIn the office.
Jack ReedOur foursome called ourselves the Noon Literary Club and had our lunch spot on the front lawn. Also Craig Farnham and I would cruise back and forth in the hallway, noting that all the clicks would have their spots along the hallways.
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxThe library
Jim FuhlrodtLawn above the Gym
Lynn Bartlett MeyerState Street, or East Beach
Michael A. AquinoI always took the maximum load of back-to-back classes, so don't recall having much hanging-out time. As a senior I was the ROTC Battalion Commander, with the unique luxury of my own mini-office, so I occasionally indulged myself in that splendid isolation.
Jerome Hunter/N/A
Joan VenturaThe front lawn and the cafe. The best place was at the beach during study hall everyday.
Sharon ChandlerWas dating Larry so left campus as much as possible to see him.
William (Bill) AbelDown at the Electronics Lab...I was into Amateur Radio and wanted to be an Electronics Engineer until I discovered I had a personality...oh well...
Craig EdwardsLeft campus to go to Municipal Tennis Courts and beach to practice tennis and surf.
Nancy UnderwoodI was in class.
Rick BuryAny place that was quiet, to read about science, surf, or music. I was mostly a loner, except for my mad scientist pal since elementary school, Bob Kvaas, and a few surfing buddies from Hammonds, Miramar, and Rincon-some still surfing, and some long gone.
Christopher M. GalbreathMy schedule was full and I did not have any empty class periods. I ate my lunch in an open area just to the west of the main building. Good for people watching.
Patricia GrecoI spent a lot of time at my locker exchanging books and talking. It is where Jennifer first told me that President Kennedy had been shot.
Ron BakerI don't ever remember a time when I wasn't in class or on my way to one.
DonThe photography darkroom located at the back of Mr. Bakers art classroom. At lunch, Mr. Bakers art students were busy with their independent work and he busy with his own colorful paintings of people and places from around the world. I think that classroom, filled with artistic excitement added creativity helped young photographers view the world and develop their 'eye' of seeing. I was so fortunate to have such a first rate photographic darkroom and equipment available while working for and with the Forge staff and the O&G staff . The lunch break always felt too short.
Fred E. ZiesenhenneROTC, if I hung out anywhere.
Kathy Samuels-
GeraldSanta Barbara New Press ... Surf Beaches ...
Carol HicksOn the front lawn or the quad.
Bill ChambersROTC
Bill CrispinQuad
GaryIn my car for lunch off campus because it was the chance to go somewhere else and eat good food.
Doug WilsonI remember eating lunch every day with Peter van Dyke and Tim Macy by the flag pole right in from of the main entrance, and in 11th grade with Pat Mosher, and with Jack Crane, off and on. I also spent a lot of time being in plays, at which I had zero talent, and I hereby apologize for subjecting everyone to watching me "act" in various assemblies.
Sal Aparicio Jr.didnn't lived accross the street from the girls field everyone hung out there at my house
Tony MirattiAll over. The school was my playground growing up; I lived close by and always played on campus; it was something when it was finally my school.
Joyce Hale Jordanthe quad, it was the place to be.
Ken NordinBaseball field, football field, anywhere with friends.
Cort de PeysterHall way
John DeckenbackOurdoor plaza on south side of campus where we ate lunch...
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightSmoking in the boys room;' because those are the lyrics to the song? Wait a second, that song was written after I got out of high school. Maybe more "On account I come from a broken home?" Westside Story?
Jack CallisIn the main hall along the wall or in the parking lot. The main hall to see my friends and to people watch. The parking lot to look at and talk about cars
Karen Metzler WilsonOn the front lawn for lunch every day...
Pat GriffinMunicipal Golf Course
Carol Campbell QuigleySeemed that lunch was always on the grassy area above the girl's fields.
Jan DeGrandchampOn the outskirts of the building, on the lawn and away from the action.
Peter Van DykeDon't remember
Mark Thiesworked after school - what did i do with all those thirty five cents an hour i made?
Gretchen Nissler BargerThe swimming pool.
Christie AndersonBehind the women's PE teachers offices on the east side of the campus. A group of us ate our lunch there.
Linda DorfmontLibrary.
Pamela BarrettBetween classes walking the main hall.
Al CottamThe front lawn with friends!
Martha Rairden LannanFront lawn or quad at lunch, in meetings, my locker...
Ade Winger We cruised the main hall..... stopping to chat with friends along the way. It was the daily social routine.
Dale PikeDid people hang out on campus if they had no class? I seemed to always have a class every period, then either Football Practice or Swim Team practice. Lunches out away when I could slip my car beneath the chain blocking the Senior parking lot.
Roxanne ParksI lived to far that I didn't stick around..
Jim Crowhallway and gym
Sallie-Wood-NickelWorked after school in ( work experience ) Realtor office
Maggi DaaneI didn't hang out on campus.
Bill LannanMain hallway ----girls. Peabody Stadium -----sports
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferAnywhere that Joan Litchfield and Laraine Melton took me
Tana SommerI can't remember at all. I started the work/study program as soon as I could and had a car. I left campus at noon I guess.
Patty Newton WhiteJack Baker's classroom, because he was always painting or making something wild, which made him mostly in a very good mood.
Cathy ShawOn the front lawn for lunch with the girls and at the beach for hamburgers with Gretchen Nissler and other gals from our class.
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootDon't really remember
wm. Clasen Hoytdidn't hang out on campus but there was a good Italian grocery store up on olive.
Norma Jean Riffero Leiferanywhere Joan Litchfield and Laraine Melton took me
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"I always went to Foster Freeze for a cheeseburger, milk shake and fries. ( and to smoke)
Emilio VasquezThe lunch area, with my friends.
Maxx DuffyUsually went off campus for lunch but loved the Dons football games.
SandeeAt the beach after getting kicked out of school for two weeks!
Andy NeumannI can't remember. It did not seem that we had much time to hang out.
Alex DiazWhoever had a car we went off campus and went to our favorite mexican restaurant Taco Bell, just joking. Wait were we supposed to go off campus OPPS
Gail Araluce JohnsonSoph and Jr. years, the Forge room. Senior year, no special place. Loved to bop around in Jan Degrandchamp's car.

Who was your secret SBHS crush?

Chuck StollIt was no secret that Patti Newton was my "not-so-secret" crush
Kristina ArnoldIf I said it wouldn't be a secret
John AhlmanOh boy,
TonyMarsha ?
John SmithCathy von Epps (sorry, Scott)
Sandra LogsdonIt's still a secret
Bruce Divelbissno one
Paul ButlerSusan Foss
Judy WeismanRon Finch (still)
Bob KvaasVicki Love
Tom CaesarJan De Grandechamp
Susie JeffreyStan Burton
Jack ReedLinda Luder, who ws a year behind us.
Jim FuhlrodtCathy Clemens
Michael A. AquinoI admired every girl I ever met at SBHS without exception. It was very gracious of Susie Foss to accept my invitation to be the principal Coed Colonel.
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaThere were so many great guys.
William (Bill) AbelAll the cute girls
Craig Edwardsno secrets
Nancy UnderwoodDated Leon Reginatto
Christopher M. GalbreathSuzanne Hammel
Patricia GrecoFred Unterseher
Ron BakerWhich one???
DonI still only dream of her
Fred E. ZiesenhenneI'm not telling.
Kathy Samuels-
GeraldMeredith Melody
GaryLoretta and later Louise - in other classes.
Doug WilsonDuh, Georgie Lowres
Sal Aparicio Jr.all of them
Tony Mirattia long list
Joyce Hale JordanGeorge Anthimedias
Ken NordinCathy Clemmens
Cort de PeysterNancy Kneeland
John DeckenbackWhat only one?
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightPam Hawk - no secret now!
Jack CallisSusie Foss
Pat GriffinShe still is.
Jan DeGrandchampWhich week?
Peter Van DykeNot saying
Mark Thiescan't hear 'the days of wine and roses" and not think of Susie Foss
Martha Rairden embarrassing!
Ade WingerSecret
Dale PikeKay Till
Alex DiazWhich grade 10-11-or 12th there were so many
Roxanne Parksnot enough room to list them all..changed all the
David Youngnot sure I had one
Sallie-Wood-NickelDan Konwlton
Maggi DaaneDidn't have one. (-.-)
Bill LannanI married her
Norma Jean Riffero Leifer.???
Tana Sommerdidn't have one, always went for the older guys
Patty Newton WhiteHarrison Garvin and Andy Neumann
Vinicio Muracchiolitami hall
Cathy Shawtoo many to name!
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootDidn't have one
wm. Clasen Hoytit wouldn't be secret then
Norma Jean Riffero Leifer????????
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"My secret crush was Russell Merrit
Emilio VasquezNo secret, Rose
Maxx DuffySenior Football Player!
Andy NeumannNikki Bohnett
Alex DiazWhich grade 10 - 11 or 12 and hope to see them at the reunion
Gail Araluce JohnsonNot a secret-Don Rossi

Who from our class do you hope to see at the 50th reunion?

Fred PalatoEmilio Vasquez, Tony Hernandez, Tommy Rhodes, Tony Miratti, Frankie Reynoso, Roland Speed
Chuck StollI am anxious to see as many of my "old" classmates as possible. In the past, many of classmates have not attended our reunions. I hope they attend this one.
Kristina ArnoldBrian Lindner, Pam Hawk, Joan Lewis, Carol Campbell
John SmithSteve Black, Jack Wilson, and ??? (a very cute female, whose name shall remain in confidence!)
Sandra LogsdonVaunie Williams, Connie Reid, Dorothy Walker, Bobby Steele, Frank Sierra, Vicki Romer, Norma Rifeero,, Joan Lewis, Roland Speed, Judy Bowie, Joan Litchfield, John Jameson, David Eichert, Cathy Clemens, Joyce Aoi, Linda Aguliar,-----just to name a few, that my memory can recall, that I haven't seen in ages!
Bruce DivelbissVaunie Williams
Paul ButlerCarol Metzler, Joe Meehan, Martha Rairden, Bill Oliphant, Paul King, and anyone else that remembers me.
Judy WeismanRon Finch, of course.
Bob KvaasRick Bury Bill Lannan Erno Daniel
Penny Hill HernandezRetired Fire Chief John Alhman, Karen Aquistapace, and anyone who remembers me.
Tom CaesarEveryone, . . but in particular I hope to see those whom I've missed and who haven't attended a reunion previously.
Susie JeffreyDavid Eickert. We were together since MUS. I would go to his house to hang out. His mother loved me since she had no girls
Bill AdamsKathy, Harry, Barbara, George, Ok how about a larger amount of are class mates from our years at SBHS.
Jack ReedAlthough I doubt that he will be there because I don't think he's been at any of the reunions, I'd really love to see David Gilbert, who was one of my best friends at Roosevelt Elementary. David did something so caring towards me just when I needed in in 6th grade, and I never expressed my appreciation for helping me. I'd also love to see Elaine Moyer (who I don't believe has come to any reunion) because she was so aware and progressive even back in those days, and I'd love to know who she is now.
Jim FuhlrodtAny of them that are still living.
Lynn Bartlett MeyerLorraine DeLorenzi, Joan Litchfield
Michael A. AquinoEveryone, really. Over those three years we met many people, made many friends and perhaps a few not-so-friends. Some we remember clearly, others dimly, particularly over these [astonishing] 50 years. Doubtless many of us look much different, with the weathering of our life experiences. I expect that is the most dramatic aspect of a reunion such as this: Have we retained our "1964 identities" by which we knew and evaluated one another, or have we become different creatures entirely, who in on this evening find ourselves struggling to remember and recapture something of our youth and innocence?
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaGosh of course all of our ask me y"s y club group. Over the past 50 years Laraine, Sal, Norma and I have been blessed to spend time together with our families. All of my friends that we have had so much fun in high school with and especially the parties and the slumber parties.
William (Bill) AbelEvery living soul...really! I always thought Gretchen Nissler (Barger) was beautiful!
Kathy BekmanisAs many friends as possible.
Craig EdwardsEveryone.
Nancy UnderwoodAll of my friends from school and since.
Rick BuryThere were more than 600 of us! I will be thrilled to see anyone I am able to recognize!
Mc CORMICK MikeJim Fuhlrodt, Jack Calas, John Alhman
Christopher M. GalbreathEnid Fields, Patricia Mosher, Krystal Baughman, Carol Hodges, Dale Blanchard, William Crispin, Bill Vakalakis, Marty Haggland, Jay Hilburn, Gloria Hess, Alvin Iverson, Diana Mosgofian, Fred Plato, Betty Stephenson,
Patricia GrecoPam Mosher and anyone from my Y Club.
Ron BakerI was really looking forward to seeing my old next door neighbor PAT CANFIELD. Sorry to hear of his ''passing''. He was one of the good guys. He will be missed.
DonEveryone from Lincoln School, Santa Barbara Junior High and of course, Santa Barbara High School.
Jayne Davis RiceBeverly McCune
Fred E. ZiesenhenneGary Dominguez
Kathy SamuelsThe list keeps expanding, so I hope there is a huge turnout. At the last 45th it was heart warming to connect with some who had attended Roosevelt Elementary School, too.
GeraldIt has been so long ... I am not sure ...
Carol HicksEveryone.
Bill CrispinSorry not to be there.
GaryFred Ziesenhenne and anyone else I used to know.
Doug WilsonPeter van Dyke, Pat Mosher, Jack Crane, Tim Macy, Cathy Clemens, Nancy Kneeland, Erno Daniel, Kathe Kinkade, Rickie Harpster, Patty Newton, Russell Merritt, Carol and Karen Metzler, Pat Canfield Andy Newton, John Deckenback, Leslie Isaacs. Martha Rairden, Matthew Zakheim, John Rathbone, Bill Lannan, Marleen Klinker, Dennis and Richard Zegers, Jim Crow, John Brelsford, Gary Gannaway,
Sal Aparicio Jr.Alex Diaz
Tony MirattiAs many as can make it. It is such a great experience to see folks from years ago and see how they made their way through life.
Joyce Hale JordanJill, Cheryl, Darlene.
Ken NordinThose whose names I remember. LOL However, I cannot attend due to my wife's medical issues. I will miss this event and the renewing acquaintances.
Cort de PeysterJohn Deckenback John Balch Barney Voorhees
John DeckenbackGlad to see those that are there...class/team mates especially...
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightDavid Acosta, George Anthimiades, Sal Apricio, Charles Arellanes, Clarence Nippy Banks, Robert Campos, Charles Cordero, Mike Crawford, Eddie Cuevas, Alex Diaz, Darlene Dunscomb, Ernie Figueroa, Lana Faughn, Joyce Hale, Robert Hernandez, David Hoover, Charles Jimenez, Terry Lebeck, Jose Leon, Terry Landis, Philip Mendoza, Ralph "The Pool Shark" Minc, Tony "The Speedster" Miratti, Lionel Morales, Diana Mosgofian, Patsy Muneno, Vince Muracchiloi, Bill Oliphant, Frank Paciano, Zandra Pitts, Frank Reynoso, Robert Ritorto, Don Rossi, John Scott, Evert Silva, Roland Speed, Joanne Sundell, David Vazquez, Lanny Wright
Jack CallisAfter 45 years (I was at the 5th reunion) I want to see anyone who makes it.. I had hoped to see Roxanne Parks, but now I understand she is not able to make it.
Karen Metzler WilsonEveryone who is still alive!
Pat GriffinAnyone can remember.
Carol Campbell QuigleySorry, will not be able to attend, have connected with former classmate, thru Martha's great research.
Jan DeGrandchampCannot attend but hope to see lots of photos of everyone having a good time.
Peter Van DykeAll of you
Mark Thiesthat whole 'attendees' list is looking pretty amazing - looking forward to seeing and 'renewing' lots of folks who will be there.
Gretchen Nissler BargerI would love to see all of you. Unfortunately, we can't be there.
Christie AndersonUnfortunately, I can't come to the reunion. I'm on the Board of Opera Southwest in Albuquerque, and our annual gala is the same night. Also we are giving a "premiere" of sorts for an opera that hasn't been heard in production since 1871, so it's difficult to be away.
Pamela BarrettI am looking forward to seeing Pat Mosher and the "Ask Me Y's". On the drive from Canada I saw Gretchen in Portland and Lynn in Cuyucos. Both wish that they could be here.
Al CottamWish I could see and visit with all! Sorry I will be in Alaska with family! Miss my class! Live in the White Mountains of Arizona
Martha Rairden LannanAll kinds of friends from far and near - especially those who haven't been to a reunion in many years, or ever!
Ade WingerEveryone
Dale PikeBill Lannon. He and I exchanged positions on the football team. Bill being first string of course.
Roxanne ParksNot going but if I could have it would have been everyone!
David Youngthe Miramar gang
Jim CrowLinda Holman Kathy McKibbon
Sallie-Wood-NickelMiles twins, Barbara Worth, Carol Rivera
Maggi DaanePat Hurley, Brian Butler, Susie Chamberlin, Dave Young.
Bill LannanEveryone. Particularly those classmates I didn't know then.
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferSo many- and did not get to see everyone- next time, hopefully
Tana Sommersorry I missed the event - embarrassing to say that I can't remember everyone's names and would hope to recognize a few people...
Patty Newton WhiteMargie Stavrum McComb, but I think she never comes
Cathy ShawMichael Crawford, Paul King
wm. Clasen HoytJill and Mary and Tony Maritti and John Alhman
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferEveryone!!!!!! I missed too many and now want to have another gathering soon cannot wait until the 55th My cousin Michael Durbiano--
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"Now that I see who has responded, I would like to be in touch with Jerome Hunter, Doug Wilson, and John Smith. I'd love to know what's become of Jack Crane, and Chuck Howell.
Emilio VasquezEveryone in our class, but ofcourse, my closes friends.
Maxx DuffyToo many to cite! Would have enjoyed all who attended. Sorry that I could not attend.
SandeeWish I could have been there to see everyone that came.
Andy NeumannA whole bunch of people
Alex DiazEveryone because this is the first reunion I am coming to. What took me so long.
Gail Araluce JohnsonCouldn't attend.

What’s one thing you know now that you wish you’d known in high school?

Fred PalatoHard work, honesty and a strong faith in God pays more dividens than one can imagine. This country is worth fighting for.
Chuck StollThat high school memories and experiences are with you forever. I wish I had paid better attention ....
Kristina ArnoldI "blew off" typing class...wished I had taken it more seriously! I use it more and more every day!
John SmithWhat a dumbass my Counselor was, and that my parents & I had the power to override his (mis-)guidance. Specifically, I should have been allowed to take Spanish, which 5 years later was a job requirement for entry-level teachers in the District! Stupid double standard....
Sandra LogsdonThat Big Hair is not that flattering.
Cynthia VeazeyHow quickly life goes by and that I had met Jesus as my Saviour.
Bruce DivelbissHow to deal with unkindness
Paul ButlerSurfing isn't the coolest thing on the planet.
Judy WeismanHow important it was to learn how to really study (which I didn't). Would have helped when I got to college.
Bob KvaasWorking hard really does pay off in life.
Penny Hill HernandezHave confidence in yourself and people will have confidence in you.
Susie JeffreyShould have set my sights higher.
Bill AdamsHow much a good Education could have been if I would have paid attention.
Jack ReedI was still very shy in high school until about the last two months. Schools, as well as many of our families, didn't teach us much about effective communication, and learning how to communicate better with myself and others has been a life-long journey. Had I had the awareness then that I have now, my SBHS years would have been even more enjoyable. I think many of us have grown over the years and speculated what it would be like to be back in those days with our current level of awareness.
Jim FuhlrodtThe real value of an education and where the world was headed.
Lynn Bartlett MeyerHow great high school really is.
Michael A. AquinoAcademically I think SBHS was superb, and demographically it was a comprehensive mix, from Montecito aristocracy to Haley Street aspiration. My only regret is that I had come to Santa Barbara from a private boys' elementary school in San Francisco, which left me painfully shy and naïve concerning these strange and troubling creatures called girls. I stumbled through the next three years of SBHS both enchanted by and terrified of them. Jack Nakano twigged to this, insidiously sought to cure me of it cold turkey by assigning me to be the host to the Barbarettes at a southern California Order of the Arrow B.S.A. gathering. Unfortunately the Barbarettes quickly realized it too. It was a very traumatic weekend!
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaHow fast 50 years can go by and it just seems like yesterday.
William (Bill) AbelThat ultimately relationships are most important and the quest for stuff is irrelevant.
Kathy BekmanisAppreciate every day.
Craig EdwardsWinning lottery numbers. Oops, I don't know them now. Oh well.
Nancy UnderwoodGetting old is hard so make the best of your life at all times
Rick BuryThe secret of life is there is no secret. I looked very hard.
Dorothy Walker-AustinI know that I am fine, inside and out, just the way I am.
Christopher M. GalbreathHow to talk to girls.
Patricia GrecoLife is fragile.
Ron BakerHappiness / Joy doesn't come from what other people think of you.
DonHow different and interesting each of us were at that point in time. And what a huge bunch of skilled and talented kids were developing.
Fred E. ZiesenhenneThe fact that, in general, the class was born in 1946. We graduated in 1964 which is a flip - 46 - 64. Also that 46 years later, in 2010, we were all 64 years old. Which made us: 46 - 64 - 46 - 64. How many classes can say that, for whatever reason? Who would have known? Sounds almost like a class cheer.
Kathy SamuelsLearning how everyone is more alike than not.
GeraldWhat I know now ... smile ...
Carol HicksNot be so shy and to try new things.
GarySex isn't the most important thing in the world.
Doug WilsonBeing a teenager doesn't last forever...
Sal Aparicio Jr.What a cool car I had
Tony MirattiBe Patient and observe!
Joyce Hale JordanHow to study.
Ken NordinNot to be so shy and able to talk to a girl.
Cort de PeysterStudy harder
John DeckenbackDon't think I became a serious student until graduate school...kinda drifted through the experiences...
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightIt's the things you didn't do that you rue about the most.
Jack CallisI'm not stupid, I just learn differently . It would have made a huge differencce in my grades and self confidence to have know this back then .
Karen Metzler WilsonLife is a journey that you can never prepare enough for!
Pat GriffinHow to study.
Carol Campbell QuigleyHow to get the most out of the classes, working harder, studying and concentrating.
Peter Van DykeWhat great parents I actually had. They weren't embarrassing dufuses after all.
Mark Thiesthat the high school education matters.
Gretchen Nissler BargerThis, too, shall pass!
Christie AndersonThat nobody is watching you -- it's very liberating
Linda DorfmontWhat a great writer F.Scott Fitzgerald was.
Pamela BarrettThat time goes along at a faster clip then I ever would have thought.
Martha Rairden LannanTo avoid making assumptions about people I didn't know...You can learn a lot from and enjoy those different from yourself and your close friends.
Ade WingerI know I could have learned a lot more if i had paid attention in class.... instead of writing notes to trade with friends between classes.
Dale PikeMy parents were smarter than I thought, and I sold my 1954 Corvette for less than $500., and now they start at $35,000.
Roxanne ParksGo to college without baby, but my son has been light of my life!
Sallie-Wood-NickelDan Knowlton is a jerk....
Maggi DaaneWhat other people think really doesn't matter. Be true to yourself.
Bill LannanHow to make a really good fish taco.
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferThis too shall Pass (my mantra at work) Never assume and patience
Tana SommerI wish I had learned to have fun more. I was always very serious and working hard at school and at jobs...when I had my own daughter (late at 36) I began to really play as she played and got a second chance at a lot of fun stuff. I cannot pass a merry-go-round without taking a ride. Hoping to do the same with my new granddaughter.
Patty Newton WhiteI know now that life just gets better and classmates have so much to share with each other as the years pass
Cathy ShawThat I should not be so boy crazy!!
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootTo keep a journal so I could look back at that and have some memories.
wm. Clasen Hoyttry to stay mellow not uptight
Norma Jean Riffero Leiferlife is full of surprises take one day at a time my favorite mantra at work now and that is "This too shall pass" never assume
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"I wish I were more aware of my feelings back then. I really didn't have a clue about feelings until I got into an encounter group in college.
Emilio VasquezThat my future was going to be this good.
Maxx DuffyMistakes are not the end of the world; they are the beginning of something better.
SandeeHow fast life will pass you by, just enjoy each and every day to the fullest!
Andy NeumannThat I would grow.
Alan DavisThe deep significance of the first photograph of Earth from out there. Our footprint.
Alex DiazLoving what you do and putting your whole heart into everything such as your education, sports and work.
Gail Araluce JohnsonIn High school, you are so very young. Everything that mattered then,won't matter at all when you mature.

What about you has changed the most since high school?

Fred PalatoBesides wieght (134 to 190), age (white hair); A strong belief in our Lord and that life is not as bad as it was when I was young.
Chuck StollA lot less hair...but the most important thing I think would be my political views. I think I am much more appreciative of what I have and I am much more sympathetic towards those who have had to struggle and have not been nearly as lucky as I have been through the years.
Kristina ArnoldNot Much...
John AhlmanHair color
Tonynot much.
John SmithMy color scheme. And hopefully my demeanor.
Sandra LogsdonMy feet are still growing and I've learned to enjoy my own company.
Bruce DivelbissMore patient
Paul ButlerI got a lot more serious about my education.
Bob KvaasMarried life has brought more friends and fun.
Penny Hill HernandezI now know who I am. I enjoy being a people person.
Tom CaesarMy waist line . . . .
Susie JeffreyMore forgiving to people. Realize that I had more advantages growing up than some people.
Jack ReedI would have to say that it's my awareness of myself and who I am.
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxI finally grew up.
Jim FuhlrodtWeight gain
Michael A. AquinoWell, I am now a bit more comfortable around the ladies, though I still don't profess to understand them. Otherwise I have remained pretty much the same: what Paul Kantner called a "naïve idealist" motivated by a Platonic faith in the innate goodness of humanity along with an intense curiosity to explore and resolve the primarl mysteries of the universe. Indeed I have collected more than a few scars from both of these dedications, but I have never abandoned wither. I would betray myself were I to do so.
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaI think getting breast cancer truly changed my whole outlook on life. I am blessed that I am still here and I am living each day to the fullest. The greatest joy in my life is being a Christian and belonging to a church family.
Sharon ChandlerMy size
William (Bill) AbelGeez...I'm old...isn't that enough?
Kathy BekmanisTo much!!
Craig EdwardsUnderware and socks.
Nancy UnderwoodBody
Rick BuryThe color of my hair. For starters.
Dorothy Walker-AustinMy appreciation for my value, gray hairs and all.
Christopher M. GalbreathConfidence
Patricia GrecoHopefully my consciousness has been raised significantly.
Ron BakerMy age. Hopefully I'm wiser.
Donphysical appearance.
Kathy SamuelsNo longer shy.
GeraldI am much more mature.
Carol HicksNot quite as shy now.
GarySelf confidence and Maturity
Doug WilsonI became a hippie and a political radical, and I still am.
Sal Aparicio Jr.Still have all my hair but different color
Tony MirattiAttitude, I suppose. Somewhat more grounded
Joyce Hale JordanI am more outgoing.
Ken NordinWow, not enough space. I'm not shy anymore. I was the only male working with over 30 women. I learned to talk freely with many of them as if they were my sisters. For me, that was really cool because I have no real life sisters. I also went from a full head of hair to literally no hair. I can almost count how many are left. LOL
Cort de PeysterGotten oldi
John DeckenbackAfter leaving SBHS and college I attended seminary in Berkeley in the late 60's... My Berkeley years were a life-changing experience with the anti-war and other political activism that shaped my life, perspectives and career. And, happily, 43 years ago Carolyn and I were married...
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightMost people would argue that a sex change operation is most telling. But that's not it for me. It was Father's Day 2003. It was the day I became left handed. In 1955, The nuns took the pencil out of my left hand. It took me 55 years to regain my left-handedness. And becoming left-handed changed my life completely. And yes, sex change operations are most telling for those who actually get one.
Jack CallisI have gone bald and look older.
Karen Metzler WilsonIn high school I felt on top of the world, but I didn't know much. In college I felt like I knew everything and now I'm back to my high school attitudes. I think I am lore accepting of myself and others than I used to be.
Pat GriffinMy weight.
Carol Campbell QuigleyThe emotional and spiritual growth.
Jan DeGrandchampGrew up a little
Peter Van DykeI like to work. Unthinkable back then.
Mark Thiesnot nearly as shy now as i was...but i probably should be.
Gretchen Nissler BargerI have a new set of lungs. Double lung transplant- 9-9-2012.
Christie AndersonI'm much more self-confident.
Linda DorfmontThe noise I make. And I get paid for it.
Pamela BarrettDefinitely not procrastination! And no more long hair.
Al CottamGotten older
Martha Rairden LannanMy age.
Ade WingerConfidence that comes with life experience.
Dale PikeI got more serious about life and settled down. I went to far too many parties when I was in high school, and neglected my studies.
Roxanne ParksNot shy anymore.. very outspoken & confident woman
David Younghair color
Jim CrowI am older
Sallie-Wood-NickelAge and Weight
Maggi DaaneMy weight
Bill LannanHairline and waistline
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferMaturity
Tana SommerI am much more tolerant and less opinionated. My perspective is much broader and I am less judgmental.
Patty Newton WhiteI am more accepting. Life is indeed precious. Whatever is going on, I try real hard to see and embrace it. I am humbled that I am still here and that I can see at all.
Cathy ShawMore confidence
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootMore outgoing. Still love to travel, and read
wm. Clasen Hoytbesides looking like a geezer I don't take things as serious and want to enjoy life!
Norma Jean Riffero Leifermy Maturity and patience (most of the time)
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"I now have a deep love of Beauty which sustains me.
Emilio VasquezMy face, wrinkles!
Maxx DuffyI am much more outgoing!
SandeeI realize the only thing that I have been put on this earth for is to praise and worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Went on a Walk to Emmaus and my life was forever changed. I was unable to attend the reunion because I was in Mt View Prison-maximum security women's prison. The only women prison in Texas that has a death row for women. A team of 35 of us women were there from Thurs-Sunday ministering to 36 inmates, sharing the Love of Jesus with them and giving them a KAIROS WEEKEND. An amazing blessing where God shows up and shines His light on these ladies. In 2012 I started Kairos Outside of East Texas, which is a ministry the ministers to females that have loved ones which are incarcerated. We put on a 2 weekends a year where we as a team of 30 Christians come together and bring up-to 30 of these ladies together to pamper them at a retreat center and let them share with one another about their struggles and their own prison they seem to be living on the outside. If anyone wants to read more about this awesome ministry please check out our website:
Andy NeumannI don't know, I still feel like I am sixteen (but my body doesn't!)
Alan DavisMy philosophy
Alex DiazMy hairline
Gail Araluce JohnsonI was quite shy. After being a first grade teacher for forty years, I became a leader. I've been president for several organizations, VP of my teacher's union and leader of my staff. In retirement, I'm treasurer of four different groups and enjoy trips with friends.

What’s the most unique job you’ve had?

Fred Palato20 Years in the USAF
Chuck StollWorking 300 feet below the ground in hard rock mines.
John AhlmanHotshot firefighter Los Padres Nationa Forest
TonyUS Army
John SmithDirector Rancho Vejar educ. farm
Sandra LogsdonPreschool teaching
Bruce Divelbisscarburetor repair shop foreman
Paul ButlerI guided treks in the Peruvian Andes and Galapagos Islands for 5 years
Judy WeismanCoordinating a statewide seminar on desalination back when SB was considering building theirs.
Bob KvaasResearch Scientist
Penny Hill HernandezI worked for a company that made artifical boobs and balls.
Tom CaesarOnly had one and it's been good for me.
Susie Jeffreyhorse trainer, carousel dealer
Jack ReedDirector, Project Interdependence
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxPublic defender
Jim FuhlrodtPurchasing Manager Sloan Technology Corp.
Michael A. AquinoSpace Intelligence Officer at Cheyenne Mountain, U.S. Space Command
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaI was a nanny for the v.p. of Safeway Corporation. Loved it.
Sharon ChandlerMother
William (Bill) AbelNavy was FUN!
Kathy BekmanisPatient's Right's Advocate. I had keys to all the locked psychiatric facilities in Fresno County
Craig EdwardsTeaching tennis as a Park Supervisor for the City of Santa Barbara.
Nancy UnderwoodCommercial Insurance Manager
Rick BuryFire Chief
Dorothy Walker-AustinFashion consulting and designing in my Seamstress business.
Mc CORMICK MikeCity Council
Christopher M. Galbreath"Atomic Bomb Mechanic"
Patricia GrecoCounty planner
Ron BakerI'm currently on patrol as a volunteer withe the Ventura Police Dept.
Donmarine corps photographer
Kathy SamuelsIt was some years ago I decided to go ahead and do some posing for a friend's art classes - off and on for a few years. As an end result, my husband bought one of the paintings.
GeraldSoftware Engineering
Carol HicksSelling home interiors decor in people's homes (via the party plan).
Bill CrispinAmerica's Cup Manager 1984-1987
GaryMy present one.
Doug WilsonSummer camp and conference center director
Sal Aparicio Jr.President of the Santa Barbara Elks Lodge #613 for 2 years
Tony Mirattiactor
Joyce Hale JordanRN for Ted Williams
Ken NordinSanta Barbara County Deputy Sheriff
Cort de PeysterFlying
John DeckenbackPutting an organization back together after executive fraud
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightWater Chemist for Arrowhead Water
Jack CallisCrew chief on a C141 Aircraft
Karen Metzler WilsonRoguing rye
Pat GriffinParachute Rigger
Carol Campbell QuigleyBeing a mother, everyday's a surprise.
Jan DeGrandchampWarner Bros. Studios
Peter Van Dyketeacher in Fayoum Oasis
Mark Thiesco-hosted a political talk show in SB for 5 years.
Gretchen Nissler BargerMom
Christie AndersonEnvironmental Awareness Coordinator for Youth Conservation Corps on the island of Guam
Pamela BarrettWorking for the Youth Science Institute when I was a student at San Jose State. We took kids backpacking in the Sierras for a week to 10 days at a time. Dream job.
Al CottamUSPS
Martha Rairden LannanTeaching pregnant minors in Alhambra, teaching elementary special ed in the U.S. Virgin Islands and being a writer and photog for a local Goleta paper for many years.
Ade WingerReading college admissions essays
Dale PikeTelephone Lineman
Roxanne ParksWas a Scientist all career
David Youngunfortunately they've all been pretty normal
Jim CrowCounting salmon in Alaska
Sallie-Wood-NickelRN in NICU
Maggi DaaneLaunch countdown conductor for launches at VAFB
Bill LannanDitch digger
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferMy life!
Tana SommerWashing out wigs during highschool
Patty Newton WhiteRunning a hot air balloon festival in Tucson for 5 years
Cathy Shawteaching
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootMaking lampshades when I was in college
wm. Clasen Hoytbuilding log houses
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"I spent over 30 years in the psychotherapy field. In my private practice most of my cleints were Spanish Speaking and it was very meaningful to be able to connect with them in their language. ONe of the niches I fell into was doing hardship evaluations for families where one parent was in danger of being deported. I would write about the hardships to the documented spouse and children if the undocumented person were to be deported. I really felt like I was making a difference in these families lives.
Emilio VasquezSecurity for the Titan 2 Rocket.
Maxx DuffyProfessional Mime!
Sandeeworked for a Christian Retreat Center for 20 years
Andy NeumannQAD Corporate Headquarters in Summerland
Alan DavisCollecting air samples on Guam in 1985 for CO2 analysis by NOAA
Alex DiazOwner and operator of multiple mexican restaurants
Gail Araluce JohnsonNone were unique

Current position?

Fred PalatoTechnical Systems Manager
Chuck StollRetired Teacher
Kristina ArnoldTitle Examiner/Fidelity National Title
John AhlmanChair of Santa Barbara County FireSafe Council/ President of the Eucalyptus Hill Improvement Association.
John SmithGrandPapa & retired, gentleman farmer
Sandra Logsdonretired, working as a CASA volunteer
Cynthia VeazeyRetired with my husband and loving it.
Bruce Divelbissretired attorney
Paul ButlerRetired college professor/part-time forester
Karen HausRetired
Judy WeismanSoon to be great aunt
Bob KvaasRetired
Penny Hill HernandezInside Sales for a MRO company
Tom CaesarVice President and Sr. Commercial Insurance Broker
Susie Jeffreynone
Bill AdamsChecker at CVS
Margaret Rottinghaus Douglasretired
Jack ReedDirector, Community Planet Foundation
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxRetired
Jim FuhlrodtRetired
Lynn Bartlett MeyerRetired R.N.
Michael A. AquinoBaron of Rachane, U.K.
Jerome HunterCollege Professor
Joan VenturaHousewife,grandma and great grandma
Sharon ChandlerRetired
William (Bill) AbelRetired R.E. Investor
Kathy Bekmanisretired
Craig EdwardsPharmacist/Manager
Nancy UnderwoodRetired
Rick BuryArchaeology consultant
Dorothy Walker-AustinLicensed Massage Therapy
Mc CORMICK MikeMayor
Christopher M. Galbreathretired
Patricia GrecoRetired and a grandmother.
Ron BakerHouse husband
Fred E. ZiesenhenneUCSB Associate Engineer - 37 Years
Kathy SamuelsCurrently one of the volunteer WESTPEX photographers.
Carol HicksRetired
Bill ChambersET With USPS
GaryAssociate Real Estate Broker
Doug WilsonRetired UU minister.
Sal Aparicio Jr.Cabana Boy
Tony Mirattiretired/actor
Joyce Hale JordanRetired RN
Ken NordinRetired welfare fraud investigator
Cort de PeysterCharter jet pilot
John DeckenbackConference Minister/CEO United Church of Christ
Cheryl Lyn Albrightsemi-retired
Jack CallisRetired
Karen Metzler Wilsonretired
Pat GriffinLogistics
Carol Campbell Quigleyretired from the business world, accountant for over 40 years.
Jan DeGrandchampRetired
Peter Van Dykemanager, Amy Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden
Mark ThiesI'm done
Gretchen Nissler BargerMom & wife!
Christie AndersonRetired after 26 years with the American Cancer Society
Linda DorfmontLord High Everything Else
Pamela BarrettRetired teacher
Martha Rairden LannanVolunteer, housemother to 3 dogs and Reunion worker.
Ade WingerRetired elementary school teacher
Dale PikeRetired Telephone Engineering Manager
Roxanne ParksRetired!
David Younglegal consultant
Jim CrowRetired
Maggi DaaneRetired
Bill LannanDentist
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferRN
Tana SommerArtist
Patty Newton Whitepartner in The Low Vision Store
Vinicio Muracchioliarchitect ,builder
Cathy Shawretired first grade teacher
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootRetired
wm. Clasen Hoytcarpenter,ski instructor, auto restorer
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferRN
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"Retired
Emilio VasquezSecurity in charge for Ennisbrook, a gated community in Montecito.
Maxx DuffyGraduate School Educational Consultant
Andy Neumannsenior partner at Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects
Alan DavisSemi-retirred biology teacher, and sometimes sub
Alex DiazVery part time at Home Depot
Gail Araluce JohnsonRetired teacher

Favorite retirement activity?

Fred PalatoNot there yet, but golf will be
Chuck StollActivities: Tennis, traveling, and golf
Kristina ArnoldWho's retired!
John AhlmanBirding/Photography
Tonystill working on that one
John Smithisland travel, reading, XXX
Sandra Logsdonexploring new places, making memories.
Cynthia VeazeyTraveling
Bruce Divelbissinternational travel
Paul ButlerWorking in my 40-acre forest and whitewater kayaking.
Karen HausMy grandchildren, sewing, crafing and square dancing.
Judy WeismanSpending my pension each month
Bob KvaasLeading a 6th grade science club
Penny Hill HernandezBirding
Tom CaesarWhen I get there, it'll probably be the same as it is now, . . reading, traveling, golf and boating.
Susie JeffreyShowing my Mule
Bill AdamsStill being able to work
Margaret Rottinghaus Douglastravel
Jack Reedbeach/body surfing
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxVolunteer work
Jim FuhlrodtBuying and selling on E-bay
Lynn Bartlett MeyerTravel
Michael A. AquinoAnimal conservation, rescue, & sanctuary.
Jerome HunterReading
Joan VenturaSpending time with Mick and taking short vacations.
Sharon ChandlerToo new-need to discover
William (Bill) AbelVolunteer Work with Rotary Club
Kathy BekmanisRVing. We have seen all but a few southern states, much of Canada and a trip to Mexico to see the the whale birthing lagoon in Baja. And spending time with my granddaughters.
Craig EdwardsWho's retired? I'll tell you when I get there.
Nancy UnderwoodTraveling
Rick BuryBackpacking in the Southwest, Guitar, Surfing in Baja
Dorothy Walker-AustinLOL! What is retirement?
Mc CORMICK Mikenot retired yet
Christopher M. GalbreathTravelling, reading
Patricia GrecoGolf and being with the grandkids
Ron Bakersee above
Donwaking up
Fred E. ZiesenhenneWho's Retired?
Kathy SamuelsTutoring in a public school 1st grade class is a very rewarding experience. ..... I feel like a "Mrs. Chips" when children from preceding years see me and say hello.
GeraldFlying Radio Control Aircraft
Carol HicksScrapbooking
Bill ChambersTravel
Doug WilsonGiving and attending dinner parties with Prue, my wife.
Sal Aparicio Jr.Cabana Boy
Tony Mirattitravel/golf
Joyce Hale JordanDance/Silver Follies
Ken NordinDatabase development and woodworking
Cort de PeysterSailing , bike riding
John DeckenbackThinking about the prospects
Cheryl Lyn Albrightwriting
Jack CallisTravel and working on cars?
Karen Metzler Wilsonswimming, reading, gym rat
Pat GriffinSwapping stories
Carol Campbell QuigleyRehabbing furniture and houses
Jan DeGrandchampWalking forest trails on my property.
Peter Van DykeNot there yet.
Mark Thiesfund raising for JDRF, SDRI, VietNam Vets, Veterans of Foreign Wars...
Gretchen Nissler BargerSpending time with our grandchildren.
Christie Andersonreading
Linda DorfmontWorking
Pamela BarrettBeing active: X-country skiing, hiking, yoga. Arts &
Al CottamFishing
Martha Rairden LannanTravel
Ade WingerTime with friends.
Dale PikePhotography
Roxanne Parksliving in beautiful No. Idaho
David Youngreading, time with family
Jim CrowBicycling
Sallie-Wood-Nickelcaring for neonates in my home
Maggi DaaneGrand kids/Volunteering
Bill LannanHaven't made that milestone yet
Carol Thorsnessremodeling houses
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferRetire?????? When???
Tana SommerPainting, piano playing, swimming
Patty Newton Whitegrowing vegetables and raising chickens, plus knitting lots of socks
Cathy Shawswimming and traveling
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootWe motorhome
wm. Clasen Hoytfishing, hunting riding motorcycle trials
Norma Jean Riffero Leiferretire??????
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"24/7 freedom in every moment
Emilio VasquezTraveling
Maxx DuffyHopefully soon!
Andy NeumannSurfing and Architecture
Alan Davismicroscopy, research, learning
Alex DiazWho's retired I love working
Gail Araluce JohnsonReading, going to plays and movies

What would your former classmates be surprised to know about you?

Fred PalatoI am not the same insecure/unsure person I once was; travelled to the four corners of this world; Worked on some of the most sophisticated weapon systems in the world; held an extreemly high security clearence; Strong supporter of the "Wounded Warrior Project"; In the classic sense "I Made It" happy in life, in love with God, my wife, family and especially my grandchildren.
Chuck StollProbably that Donna has put up with me for the past 45+ years...I must not be to difficult to live with...or is she just that saintly?
Kristina ArnoldThat I'm actually a shy person that has trouble feeling comfortable in a large group.
John AhlmanBeen able to stay in Santa Barbara and survive. Mentioned in a local book called "Canyon Voices" a nice synopsis of my career as a firefighter.
John Smith I was founding director of the Santa Barbara County Food Bank. Then I earned an M.Ed in Special Education. Retired from SBHS, 2003.
Sandra LogsdonThat I have earned the title of 'Grandma CooCoo'
Bruce Divelbissserved two years in Alberta and Saskatchewan as Mormon missionary
Paul ButlerTurns out, I've really learned to love rain. At my house near Olympia, WA, we average 83 inches of precipitation a year. I still, however, find deserts fascinating. I did my dissertation research in geology in Death Valley, and have run the Colorado River through Grand Canyon 29 times.
Judy WeismanI don't color my hair.
Bob KvaasI became interested in global economic issues after retirement.
Penny Hill HernandezThat I am full of surprises.
Tom CaesarNo surprise, I'm boring. . . . .
Susie JeffreyI have been married 3 times. Been with current husband for 33 yrs.
Jack ReedI authored two books, including the critically acclaimed The Next Evolution: a Blueprint for Transforming the Planet. I'm also in four other books, and as the Director and co-creator of the Community Planet Foundation have been on numerous radio, internet and television shows talking about the Community Planet vision for creating a world that works for everyone. As part of that I created and facilitate consensus decision-making trainings. Also, back in 1968, I set up the first series of seminars that became the now international Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. Another possibly surprising thing would be that I have consciously and clearly remembered many experiences from my past lifetimes on the planet and other realms as well.
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxAfter being a public defender for 3 years in LA, which was a big eye opener, I was an attorney for two federal agencies if Washington DC. I retired I 2012 from the Securities and Exchange Commission. This year we moved to Kauai island in Hawaii and love to here.
Jim FuhlrodtI started my own company and kept it going 27 years until selling it and retiring.
Michael A. AquinoThis is probably best answered by inviting them to take a look at my current books on Amazon: _The Church of Satan_, _The Temple of Set_, and _MindWar_. I devoted my life to uncovering the reality and essence of individual consciousness, then applying what I've learned towards the resolution of sociopolitical problems [hence MW]. Critics fault me for placing too much trust and confidence in humanity's virtue, but in this I remain obstinate.
Jerome HunterN/A
Joan VenturaI was crazy then and still am crazy. By crazy I mean I enjoy life. Becoming a parent, grandparent and great grandparent was a true blessing for me. I love children and love to see them grow into mature adults.
William (Bill) AbelI lost about 75 lbs in the last year!
Kathy BekmanisWe were on a 90 day RV trip on 9/11. We were in NYC on October 11th. It was truly a privilege. Everyone had a story and needed to tell it. They were so grateful for our presence. We sat near an aid to the mayor on the subway and she insisted on escorting us to the Empire State building. Where we stayed was just across the water from the towers. You could see the lights all night and there was still always smoke. When the wind shifted it came to us and if you were to imagine the smell of hell that was it. We took a wrong turn in Connecticut and ended up in a neighborhood. I will never forget the painted sheets hanging from second story windows and balconies. "Loved one lost" with a name and phone number was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. Never Forget!!
Craig EdwardsAsk them.
Nancy UnderwoodThat I haven't changed much.
Rick BuryI photograph cave paintings on all continents and work as a consultant for rock art conservation on government and public land. My wife, Carol and I manage and co-own a cattle ranch in New Cuyama, CA. We divide out time between travel, the ranch, and our home base in Carpinteria, where we are seldom seen on weekends. I am twice a cancer survivor. I am learning songwriting.
Christopher M. GalbreathAll the different things I learned to do to keep myself fed and happy.
Patricia GrecoOn the day of our 50th reunion, I will be playing golf in the morning with my first husband and going to the reunion with my second husband.
Ron BakerI'll find out at the reunion.
Kathy SamuelsAs it turns out it may be myself that is more surprised that I volunteered for a two-year position as treasurer for a group of over 160 ladies, without any prior knowledge of that type of work. Needless to say, it was an experience of learning new things.
GeraldThat I have lived this long ...
Carol HicksThat I smoked in high school. (I've since quit a long long time ago).
GaryThat I spent 31 years in engineering and missed out on Viet Nam because of medical discharge.
Doug WilsonI've been an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister for forth-three years.
Sal Aparicio Jr.All my X's live out of state
Tony MirattiI'm a sentimental fool; a pushover.
Joyce Hale JordanI have traveled extensively all over the world
Ken NordinI built 11 houses while working full time in law enforcement and also owned a retail spa store in Buellton. I love my law enforcement work and enjoyed going to work on a bad day. Actually, I never thought of it as 'work' for me it was fun, not that everything I encountered was fun.
John DeckenbackActive in a variety of good causes...glbt rights, opposition to the death penalty, environmental concerns, international relief/development...
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightThat I'm a Sephardic Jew who has 6% North African DNA coursing through his veins. I did the thing. And as we all know; our DNA does not lie!
Jack CallisI'm not sure. Maybe I'll find out during the reunion
Karen Metzler WilsonI lived outside the US for 5 years--in Mexico and the US Virgin Islands.
Pat GriffinStill single after all these years.
Jan DeGrandchampMoved a lot and cannot seem to settle down. I have lived in California, Oregon, Idaho and now Washington. Plan to downsize next year and travel more. Wonder where I will move to next? Survived a life-threatening reaction to a tetanus shot 14 years ago. Could hardly walk for a year or two. I'm fine now, just walk a little funny and can't lift much. It was quite an experience. Had to challenge the federal government with that one.
Peter Van DykeI have lived in Hawai'i since 1973.
Mark Thiesprobably that i manage to wear matching socks, most of the time...
Gretchen Nissler BargerWalt and I have lived in many different homes, and in 4 different states.
Christie AndersonI spent 22 years on the island of Guam. After attending our 25th reunion, I discovered that Annette (Pendergast) Donner and I had been classmates our senior year at SBHS. We were friends on Guam but hadn't realized we were at the same high school
Pamela BarrettI rolled 2 Volvos on icy roads and walked away.
Martha Rairden LannanHow much we, the vocabularians of row 6 in Mrs. Mathews' senior English class, basked in the glow each time she said “Why can’t the rest of you do as well as row 6?” after vocab tests.
Ade Winger I taught kindergarten, first, and second grade....... for 39 years! I walked 60 miles in the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer walk.....
Dale PikeMy company (GTE) had me working in Washington, Hawaii, Calif., Dallas, TX & Tampa, Fl. At one time Managing an Engineering Office that Had a budget averaging $27 Million dollars for 4 years. Was Project Manager for GTE Americast building a Fiber CATV system for most of Ventura County back in the middle 80's.
Roxanne ParksThat I chose being a Biology major..
David YoungI'm pretty sure they had me figured out back then - not much has changed in that regard
Jim CrowOperated nuclear reactor
Sallie-Wood-NickelI'm still here!
Maggi DaaneI am a lung cancer survivor - four years and headed to five! (-.-)
Bill LannanI got even with the only woman to ever dump me: I married her.
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferI am shy
Tana SommerI lived in France for 10 years between 1978 and 1988 in the Alpes de Haute Provence and now have house 2 hours SW of Paris where I live 6 months of the year. My late husband was French and our daughter was born there in Provence.
Patty Newton WhiteI am doing weight training at a gym full of people with tattoos and pointy- head haircuts
Cathy ShawToo many surprises to list!!
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootMost everything
wm. Clasen HoytI'm still living the dream
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferI am shy
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"I've been meditating for 43 years, and it has made a huge difference in how I am in the world. I don't have a tv, have never had a cup of coffee, and have no interest in alcohol. I love to bake, and spend a lot of time on my computer-love the challenge of a new program! I'm taking my first ever art class at our local junior college and love it! Plan to continue with art, and also take up French. I am a member of a travelling choir-we're about to take our 3rd trip to Hungary where we sing with Hungarian choirs. I love silence!
Emilio VasquezThat I married Rose twise, the mother of all my children, after many years divorced.
Maxx DuffyI have traveled to 36+ countries for work and pleasure.
Sandee Both of my kiddos are living back in Southern Calif and have been there since they graduated from USC. My son is an attorney with MGM and my daughter continues to write screen plays. I am still trying to get back to California but when one marries a Texas, good luck trying to ever move back to Calif! Visit when I can
Andy NeumannI was born in Indonesia and came here from Holland when I was eight. My real name is Ferdinand
Alan DavisI have learned two Micronesian languages each withfewer than 100,000 living speakers.
Alex DiazLiving through the 60's and 70's (you all know what I mean) I survived by God's grace and mercy. He sure had a plan for me that I would never would have imagined in a million years and would have never agreed to.
Gail Araluce JohnsonI was always crazy about football players. Well, my son Matt is 6 ft 6", 270lbs, played football on scholarship at CAL. Also played basketball and baseball in high school and was Davis High School athlete of the year in 1992. My son Nick was also an athlete, but at 6 ft 2", 180 lbs, couldn't keep up with his brother. I'd like to introduce them to former guys who weren't that kind to me.

What’s the craziest or funniest thing you’ve done in the past 50 years?

Fred PalatoRode Harley-Davidson motorcycles for many years, for a lark crossed the Mincong River into Laos just to say I was there. Got Lost in Bangkok Thialand, missed our flight up country we thought we would be shot for AWOL in a war zone.
Chuck StollI need to really think about this one....
Kristina ArnoldThe craziest thing I've done is to ride on a motorcycle at high speed...
John SmithSquandered (?) $1M in real estate. Built a beautiful, seaside, vacation home on Coastal Mexico (yes, I still have it, and vacation there frequently!)
Sandra LogsdonIllegally crossed the boarder between Zambia and Zimbabwe through a drainage ditch at midnight.
Cynthia VeazeyVisiting missionaries friends last October in Niger, Africa. Had a great life changing time.
Bruce DivelbissZiplining in the jungle canopy at Tikal Guatemala
Paul ButlerI took 24 college students on a 7-week field trip from Washington to the Southwest.
Judy WeismanHmmmmmm
Bob KvaasMeeting my wife on a cruise to see a total solar eclipse in the Caribbean in 1998.
Penny Hill HernandezThat I've become a Birder. Who does that but a crazy, funny old Lady
Tom CaesarHad "Kava" and toasted "bula" with a Fijiian Chiefs son-in-law in his second story "yurt" home when my wife and I traveled to Fiji on vacation. We were attended to by his wives & children while their chickens and piglets ran about the living room where we were being entertained.
Susie JeffreyMarried someone I had only known for 4 weeks. Bad idea, don't do it.
Jack ReedRight out of high school I went to the United States Air Force Academy as possibly the least patriotic person to ever go to one of the three service academies. Although this may sound crazy to any of you who do not know about UFO's, I went there to see if I could get into position to expose the coverup. However, my impatience got the best of me in my sophomore year and I wrote a letter up the chain of command, basically asking about the coverup. Predictably (in hindsight) they decided that they couldn't have anyone asking those questions, and I was out at the end of the semester. The blessing was that I was then able to go on sort of a New Age spiritual pilgrimage trip around the country back in 1966, and that changed my life.
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxMoving to Hawaii after 35 years in Virginia. You can collect a lot of stuff in 35 years.
Jim FuhlrodtTook a trip to Hong Kong , China, and Japan on a dare to take a vacation. 3 weeks it was great!
Michael A. AquinoAs recounted in my books, I've had so many strange experiences that I wouldn't know where to start, and many of the most bizarre are still highly classified. One of the funniest, in a Kafkaesque sense, was my Ph.D. research concerning the US/NATO/USSR political intrigue concerning the neutron bomb in the Ford & Carter administrations. I made the circuit of all the embassies in Washington, picking up more gossip and dish than anything they had over at CIA. Everybody wanted to upstage & backstab everybody else. I was served tea by a very gracious not to mention drop-dead gorgeous lady general of the PRC [think the Dragon Lady from _Terry & the Pirates_], who casually shared Chinese intercepts of the USSR's contingency plans for a westward strike into Europe. If I'd included "all that" in my dissertation, I would have "disappeared". Later on my close friend USAF Colonel Fletcher Prouty (portrayed by Donald Sutherland in Oliver Stone's _JFK_) equally casually informed me that his Pentagon boss, Major General Edward Lansdale, had been the organizer of the JFK assassination. My jaw dropped, but by this time that event had become so drenched in conspiracy theories that this was "dust in the wind".
Jerome Huntern/a
Joan VenturaTo be perfectly honest it would still have to be getting together with Laraine, Sal and Norma because we always seem to get in trouble. i have a list a mile long. I am so blessed to be able to share my life with them and they have shared their life with me over the past 50 years. Of all my friends over the past 50 years I know these girls will always be there.................
William (Bill) AbelTried to get to every country I could. Current count is 74. Travel is the best education I can think of.
Kathy BekmanisSnorkeling off Maui, a turtle came up to me and we swam together. I was so enthralled I got to far away from the boat and couldn't get back against the current. They had to come get me.
Craig EdwardsWhile skiing at Kirkwood, followed my son over edge onto Double Black Diamond run (at his urging). I've never seen so many huge moguls in my life.
Nancy UnderwoodZip lined, parasailed.
Rick BuryIn 1990, my wife and I slept slept many nights on the ground in a backpack tent, among lions and hippos and baboons in Africa. We were told the lions never attack people in tents!
Christopher M. GalbreathThe number 1 craziest thing I can't say since the statute of limitations has not run out. Number 2: sold a little company, took a three week vacation to the Cayman Islands, did not make it back to the USA permanently for about nine years.
Patricia GrecoRan in a lot of races, including many years in the Bay to Breakers, and once going to Phoenix with my daughter to do the Rock 'N Roll Marathon (only did the half).
Ron BakerWe've traveled through the Middle East -- Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Followed by the British and the Greek Iles, and numerous locations in the Caribbean. However our favorite location is visiting our kids and grandkids in Yakutat, AK
Donjoined the US Marine Corp during the Vietnam war.
Kathy SamuelsIn retrospect, having gotten lost from a day bus tour in Potsdam, Germany in 1992 before cell phones, makes for a great story now. But at the time, all concerned were very worried, including myself. Realizing I was really lost, I decided to complete the tour by foot and of my own design. This was fairly easy due to Potsdam being a small town. The weather was lovely that Sunday. Many of the town's people were out enjoying the day too, but most did not speak English and my German was rudimentary from just one semester of lessons. The more challenging part for me was to determine which bus went across town to the train station. From there I figured out the best train back to Berlin. Luckily I got off at the stop nearest to our Berlin Hotel. Dinner followed shortly after with a lot of catching up for that day's events. This happened shortly after the Berlin Wall had come down.
GeraldFlew around the world in one direction in 30 days to see my wife in Scotland.
Carol HicksI organized a very special "amazing race" 65th birthday party for me complete with clues for mystery locations around town & senior dancing ladies and a magician. It was truly amazing and fun!
Bill CrispinJumped, twice, out of a perfectly good airplane from 13,000 feet!
GaryIf this also means exciting - that's going to Europe and having a wonderful son. The craziest was being in College ROTC and then leaving it.
Doug WilsonBeing a hippie and a yippie for a long, long time. Those were the daze...
Sal Aparicio Jr.Still Love Life
Tony MirattiCrazy and stupid. Partying too heavy down in Hollywood and belonging to the old Company of Angels Theatre group in the 1970s. On one of those 'Stupid' nights, we were partying at a ranch in Topanga Canyon. The barn that was filled with beautiful horses was beneath a spectacular home. I had too much of whatever and I firmly felt that at least a few of the beautiful horses should join the party. So, needless to say, the owner was somewhat surprised to find me in the living room discussing the state of the union with a few of his prize ponies. I had apparently brought them upstairs from the barn.
Joyce Hale JordanHot Air Ballooning in Africa over the wild animals below.
Ken NordinAll the pranks we did while working the 2200 to 0600 shift. The best one: my partner and I made a laughing tape to play on a specific type of call. It never happened until the last night of graveyards. We got a call to break up a bar fight at the Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez. We parked a block away and played the tape on the patrol car's PA while a half dozen guys were trying to give each other a new face. As the tape played, they stopped fighting and looked our way. when the tape stopped, I grabbed the mic and told the to head on home. They walked away and we never had to get out of the car. Then there was the call about a local nurse dancing on the bar in a local Solvang bar with boots and spurs. And the Call about a 5150 female at the Gaviota rest stop. wearing only a 2 piece nighty, she proceeded to cover the plexi glass barrier in my patrol car with breast milt, Gotta stop, too many stories to tell here. Oh, The cock fight in a rancher's barn, when we arrived, 50+ ran through the brier and they ran through the bramble. They ran through places where the rabbits wouldn't go, heading for the Santa Ynez river. How about the drunk I had to hog tie, er, safely secure his feet, so he couldn't kick the back car door. OK, if you want to know more, contact me....
John DeckenbackPlayed in college football games annually until I was 50...quit only when the varsity/alumni games were discontinued...
Cheryl Lyn AlbrightThere was a vending machine that sold "Hostess Twinkies." One day, I saw the guy who fills the machine walking toward it with a huge non-descript cardboard box that must have been 3 foot square and 2 feet high. To my enormous surprise it was full of "Twinkies" which he used to refill the vending machine. I don't know what happened but the guy forgot to take the box with him. Wow, an unattended box of "Twinkies?" Hmm? What am I going to do? I quickly grabbed the entire box and carted it into my gym class locker room. I got away clean; nobody saw me. In the next few minutes we were all eating Twinkies. For good measure, we squirreled away, a stash of Twinkies in our gym lockers; hiding them in our smelly gym clothes. Of course, I did the right thing. I returned the stolen nearly empty box and put it right back where it had been. And no one was ever the wiser. Did not hear a word about it. And amazingly, the vending machine guy never said anything. But by the end of the week all the Twinkies were gone. What evidence?
Jack CallisClimbed to the top of a 30 foot pole and stood on top, for a leadership training class.
Pat GriffinHalloween as a Rastafarian.
Carol Campbell QuigleyWe are purchasing a second house in Mobile, Al, planning on spending half the year there and remodeling houses, at our young age of 68 & 69.
Jan DeGrandchampWorked as a cook and staff member on a remote island in Baja at a whale-watching camp. Got to kiss the whales and live in a tent while trying to cook food for 30 or more people. After that, I traveled to a remote ranch in the mountains and stayed in several small pueblos. Then I worked on a schooner and sailed to Oregon. Great adventure!
Peter Van DykeMost of the crazy things I did were in high school. Like painting the Milpas street cow purple. Tim Macy, Martin Engelson, Richie Hellman, and probably a few others were along. I threw my jacket over the light to hide us as we slopped the paint on. The cops came. We lay on the roof, hiding, but my jacket started smoldering so I had to crawl over and put it out. The cops never saw us and finally they left, so we jumped off the roof and made our escape to Martin's house. Richie Hellman was hiding in an alley nearby. Right outside the alley was a blinking construction light. He thought the cops were still there, so he stayed in the alley all night. We had a lot of good laughs about the whole thing.
Mark Thiesyou seemed like a good idea at the time....
Gretchen Nissler BargerWe survived living in Illinois for 7 years!
Christie AndersonSailed 40 miles from Guam to the island of Rota several times with friends on a catamaran for a great weekend of friends and fun.
Linda DorfmontThrow sodium in the ocean.
Pamela BarrettThe craziest thing: In 1971 my husband and I bought land and moved to a small community (15 permanent residents) at the north end of Shuswap Lake in the interior of British Columbia. We lived there for 5 years without running water or electricity.
Martha Rairden LannanDitched as many school days as possible to go to the beach, sailing or snorkeling while teaching in the U.S. Virgin Islands with Karen Metzler. Substitutes were at the school each day because of very sketchy phone service (most homes didn't have phones) so the school knew you weren't coming in when you weren't there!
Karen Metzler WilsonI went to the U.S. Virgin Islands to teach school and stayed 4 years.
Ade WingerTBA
Dale PikeGone back to Japan in 2011 to visit and see the difference between then and the 3 years i was there in 1955 - 58. 12 hour flight, seets were too tight, so stood for more than 7 hours.
Roxanne ParksMarried Art 5 weeks after meeting him-25 yrs. ago!
Sallie-Wood-Nickeltook a bath in a large Jacuzzi and made the mistake of putting bubble bath into it...... OMG.... never thought I would get rid of all the bubbles.....
Bill LannanYou can't make this stuff up. My mother's request was to have her ashes spread at sea off of Santa Barbara. When the time came, family and friends gathered on a very nice power yacht owned by one of her friends. About 30 people were ready to toast her with their glasses of champaign. As I was about to dump the ashes from the box, a large wave hit the boat causing me to nearly fall overboard. Still clutching the open box with both hands, the next wave lifted the boat in time to catch a strong gust of wind. You guessed it: Eloise wasn't ready to leave the party and nobody was drinking their champaign.
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferMy whole life is crazy, but I love it!!
Tana SommerAll I can think of for the moment is wearing a witches hat last Halloween in a hotel bar at happy hour....surely there was something more crazy than that....but can't recall for now
Patty Newton WhiteI went on a cattle drive in the Idaho mountains in 1991, and I put the horse's saddle and bridle on myself. Turns out, though, I put the bridle on upside down, or was it backwards? Needless to say, the horse was pretty cranky. (I knew I was in way over my head on this whole project, being a new rider and also new to Idaho ranch culture.) In about a mile, I made it the place where all these handsome cowboys had collected the steers and were moving them down a road. A particularly gorgeous cowboy road up along side me and asked, real polite, if it was ok if he "fixed that thing."
Cathy ShawProbably losing an engine on our flight from Lusaka, Zambia and landing in Uganda. The land forms look just like the ones in "The Last King of Scotland."
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-Crofoottoo many to name
wm. Clasen Hoytstarted motorcycle trials in my fifty's
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferI am always crazy!!
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"This is more on the unusual spectrum: in the 70's I was a founder of a Sufi community in upstate New York. We bought a Shaker Village on 430 acres, about 100 of us. I was there for 5 years, and it was definitely the hippy life. ( After working at the SB Welfare Department and Napa State Hospital I was ready to drop out for awhile) It was also the start of a 40 year involvement with Sufism.
Emilio VasquezA lot, to put here!
Maxx DuffyGone parapenting!
SandeeThis is more awesome then crazy but my 3 sisters(2 still in Calif) started a sister business about 8 years ago so we can stay in touch and we have our annual meetings all over the world each year, Israel, New Zealand,Ireland, Kaui, Caribbean Cruise, Calgary Stampede, Upstate far North East for fall colors.
Andy NeumannDress up as a nun for Yvonne's Marymount Reunion
Alan DavisI lived for more than a decade without an automobile. LIved without electricity, roads, or running water.
Alex DiazI snowmobiled to work in Idaho when I lived there and went on a wild snowmobile trip at 8000 feet and got caught up in a snowstorm where visibility was a whiteout. If not for our expert guide we never would have made it out. On a lighter note I love to snorkel and swim with the turtles in Hawaii.
Gail Araluce JohnsonI'm not that crazy, but am a HUGE SF Giants fan, as well the 49ers, CAL,etc.Spend much time watching sports, channeling my Dad, keeping up with my sons.

What are your plans for the next decade?

Fred PalatoWork 5 more years, help start two businesses dealing with Governmant Contracting and then retire, play golf, travel, cruise to the islands (many times), shoot a little pool, enjoy my wife and grand children Dominic and Izabella (Bella)
Chuck StollStay healthy so we can continue to travel, be active athletically, and continue to support projects that are benefical to my community of Morro Bay.
Kristina ArnoldTo stay happy and alive!
John AhlmanLive life above ground !!
John Smith1. Continue enjoying retirement, which I began in 2003. 2. Fall in love, again! 3. Pamper my grand-kids. 4. ?
Sandra LogsdonTravel as long as I can, stay connected with Friends and Family and be available to the Spirits guidance.
Cynthia VeazeyTo continue to stay actively involved in our children and grandchildren's lives and to be used more by the Lord.
Bruce Divelbissmore travel
Paul ButlerTravel a little, but mostly stay close to home, kayaking and working in my forest.
Karen HausHope to have good health and be around for a long time to be with my grandchildren.
Judy WeismanLive to enjoy it
Bob KvaasEnjoying more traveling in retirement.
Penny Hill HernandezFinding a birding spot that has all the wonderful birds I haven't seen, but where I don't have to hike for miles to see.
Tom CaesarGood Health and more of the same with a little less work time.
Susie JeffreyTo get through this one
Bill AdamsBeing at our 60th class reunion.
Jack ReedContinue working as the Director of Community Planet and help create Bio-Harmonious-Eco-Techological Communities that could provide the model for creating a world that works for everyone. An old Chinese curse says "May you live in interesting times". These are those interesting times, and those of us from the class of 1964 can still be players in the planetary changes that need to take place.
Joan Langworthy LoizeauxVolunteering at the food banks and living aloha. Wish everyone a happy reunion.
Jim FuhlrodtStay on the top side of the grass and enjoy life, kids, and travel.
Lynn Bartlett MeyerMore travel
Michael A. AquinoI do not expect to be here past 2015.
Jerome HunterTo try and stay alive
Joan VenturaDoing exactly what Mick and I have been doing for the past 12 years since he has been retired. The problem with having all these kids, grandkids and great grand kids is that they are all spread out. We have to take time and visit them. I am hoping for a family get together next year. Bottomline, spending more time with family and friends.
William (Bill) AbelTry and do more traveling but mostly keep breathing...Heck, I might even get a real job... maybe not though...
Kathy BekmanisSadly, I lost my husband, George, this past year the week of our 48th wedding anniversary. I just want to get through this year and, like all of you, enjoy my family.
Craig EdwardsWork. Retire. Travel. Survive. Win the lottery. Not in that order.
Nancy UnderwoodMore travel and enjoy our family.
Rick BuryTravel more, especially in the American desert southwest.
Dorothy Walker-AustinTo keep breathing and to keep learning .
Mc CORMICK MikeTo retire and travel
Christopher M. GalbreathDon't die. Live on a cruise ship for a month. Cruise around the world. Continue to be amazed.
Patricia GrecoLots more traveling, golf and playing with the grandchildren.
Ron BakerMore traveling.
DonEnjoy the grandchildren, travel with Karlie and friends, hunt, fish and camp .
Fred E. ZiesenhenneFinish 40 years at UCSB.
Kathy SamuelsI hope to be doing many of the same things as now. These include attending various club meetings with my husband, Russ. Also, hope to still be ushering for great ballets and operas at the San Francisco Opera House; reading fiction and non-fiction books as part of a local book club; taking photos for family and friends; enjoying local art museum exhibits. As already mentioned in other responses, would love to still be tutoring and taking photos for WESTPEX. I hope to resume some hand quilting, with one quilt in particular that needs to be completed. Also, want to pursue some genealogy research. My oldest sister gave our family some most precious family history with researach that spanned over ten years. She learned that we share a common ancestor with Mark Twain!
GeraldEnjoy life to the fullest ... travel to vegas every 3 months ... play golf ... fly fish in Montana ... find the second love of my life ...
Carol HicksA little traveling, volunteering and learning more craft hobbies.
Bill ChambersRetire
GaryBe more successful in our Real Estate business. Help my wife get well from illness and injuries.
Doug WilsonChange the Industrial Growth Society through the Great Turning so we can live in a just and fair Life Sustaining Society.
Sal Aparicio Jr.Not to Marry
Tony MirattiStay sane, healthy and in touch. Plenty of traveling, golf and socializing.
Joyce Hale JordanContinue to live, learn and enjoy as well as volunteer with Assistance League SB.
Ken NordinLearn what retirement is all about. 44 years of dealing with the other side of society is enough. Just today, I was raking leaves and felt I had to hurry and get it done because I had to go to work tomorrow. No, wait> I'm retired. LOL
Cort de PeysterStay alive
John DeckenbackRetirement, cleaning out the basement, enjoying the sights/sounds around Washington/Baltimore...
Cheryl Lyn Albright"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." A tale of two separate and distinct eras; The peaceful unfettered existence we enjoyed in the 60's - and the vastly different era in which we now live with all the 'tek.' My plans for the future involve lots of changes and plenty of excitement. But not all necessarily for the better. Get ready for an even more rapidly changing world. And to that end, it is incumbent upon us to try and keep up. I don't want to be the last person on the planet with a flip-up phone. I will continue to write about the things that stir my passions; not the least of which is a sincere desire to achieve a higher level of self-awareness and a more improved level of spirituality. Indeed, writing about rebirth and redemption are mainstay themes for me. The indomitable will to overcome adversity cannot be squelched.
Jack CallisMore travel and doing the things on my bucket list. Finally going to the Indy 500 in May2015 in person! Spending time with my God son, friends and family.
Karen Metzler WilsonI hope to stay alive!
Pat GriffinSurvival.
Carol Campbell QuigleyStaying as busy as possible, mind, body and soul.
Jan DeGrandchampDownsize! Hope to simplify my life and enjoy it as much as possible. I have to flip my current home, which should keep me busy for a few months. Will probably stay in Washington because I love my granddaughters.
Peter Van DykeGet my farm into shape. I have coffee, mangoes, and avocados. I never have enough time, but sometime I'll quit my day job and finally get to all those things I've been putting off.
Mark Thieswould be surprised to make it through the next decade...
Gretchen Nissler BargerBe well. Travel. Spend as much time with our grandkids as they will allow!
Christie AndersonTravel to Alaska and the east coast in our RV. Read all the books on my shelves and in my Nook.
Linda DorfmontKeep working.
Pamela BarrettTravel,
Al CottamRetire and enjoy grandchildren!
Martha Rairden LannanTravel more with Bill and with girlfriends (not necessarily on the same trips), the usual "get more fit," connect more with friends and with more friends, read more and some day...get organized!
Ade WingerLots of fun.... celebrate 45th wedding anniversary and 70th birthday..... time with husband, daughters, and grandsons, adventures with friends, some travel. Enjoy different kinds of art, read lots of books, lots of photography, and walk many miles. Really want to write a book or two!
Dale PikeTraveling & Photographing the United States and Canada in my travel trailer, and living in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been on our 20 acre tree farm (Bandon, OR).
Roxanne ParksTry to stay as healthy as possible..
David Youngtravel
Jim CrowRelax. And travel
Sallie-Wood-NickelGo back to Hawaii .......
Maggi DaaneTo stay healthy and live life to the fullest.
Bill LannanTravel, ski, fish, do things I've never done.
Carol ThorsnessIt may take a decade, but I WILL figure out how to use the new $%^&*#@#%^&* iTunes format.
Norma Jean Riffero LeiferMaybe retire?? Travel and be with my old friends more often!! I just wish for another "Ask me y'" sleep over !
Tana SommerTrying to keep fit, eat healthy, be a grandma, enjoy life
Patty Newton WhiteTo develop strength so I can keep gardening and to stay nimble-fingered so I can keep knitting.
Cathy ShawTake more Viking cruises, keep working out, hang out with my grandsons, and adult children. Hopefully, welcome more grandchildren into our wonderful family unit!
Ruth A (Ayala) Cox-CrofootTo spend time traveling the USA with my husband in our motorhome.
wm. Clasen Hoytmore free sking more fishing
Norma Jean Riffero Leiferretire???? travel and see my old friends more often
Khatiba Grais "Bonnie Millett"Travel as much as possible while I'm still able to, otherwise, one breath at a time.
Emilio VasquezStay alive!
Maxx DuffyReinvent myself post-retirement (in 3-5 years) in new field or new role. I will always work in some way ...
SandeeGoing and doing whatever God has planned for me.
Andy NeumannSimplify and enjoy the moment.
Alan DavisKeep playing the guitar and finish my research project on reproduction and zoosanthellae of Millepora sp.
Alex DiazTo go on a mission trip to Cambodia (or anywhere else God sends me) with my church to share the love of the Lord. If my wife lets me.
Gail Araluce JohnsonI've already had one hip replaced, will probably have the other done in the next 10 years. Want to stay healthy, active and maybe become a grandma.

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